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.Any Name Service
Tokenized Metaverse Passport

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A True Non Fungible
Tradable and Customizable NFT

Magic Eden

2 Characters
1 Character
3 Characters
3 Digits
First Name
Capital City
3 Chatacters
Anyside NFTs will be tradable on major third party platforms such as Opensea and MagicEden. You will be able to adapt the appearance of your NFT to your brand identity by adding your own artwork onto your NFT token.
Cross-Chain Compatible
Create and Transfer your Anyside Across Blockchains


Ethereum → Solana
Ethereum → Polygon
Solana → Ethereum
Solana → Polygon
Polygon → Ethereum
Polygon → Solana

When you register your Anyside domain, you can choose which Blockchain you want to mint it on. Anyside is currently compatible with 3 blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. More blockchains may be added in the future. At any time, you can also transfer your Anyside domain from one blockchain to another with ease using the Anyside Portal. Learn more about this state-of-the-art technology in our whitepaper.

You can easily access your Anyside page via your matching Anyside short links. Your short links are available in two formats: your dot Any domain, which requires a Browser plugin, or your dot domain name, which works out of the box on any web browser.
API & Integrations
Build DApps on Anyside

API Docs Coming Soon
Whether you are a Web3 Service Provider, an Indie Developer, or even just a Hobbyist, you can easily connect to the Anyside rest-API in seconds. With pre-built API wrappers available in Python and Node.js, you can integrate Anyside into your products and services with just a few lines of codes.
Press & Partners
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Members of the press, DApp developers, Project creators, Web3 Influencers, please feel free to contact us. For security reasons, please send your email without links or files. Our system will automatically delete emails with links and / or attached files.

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How to be eligible for the Airdrop?
To be eligible for the Airdrop you must follow us on Twitter @AnysideNames. A snapshot will be taken prior to launch so do not wait for the last minute.

At mint we will verify that your Twitter account follows us and authorize a wallet of your choosing to receive the Airdrop. Each Twitter account that follows us is eligible to get one free Anyside token for one year.

We will provide more information closer to the launch. Additional rewards may be given to users who both follow us on Twitter and are members of our Discord.

Which Names will be Airdropped?
You will be able to choose the Anyside Name you wish to claim with your Airdrop. You will be able to claim any combination of letters, numbers, and / or emojis totaling 6 characters or more, excluding English dictionary words and proper nouns.

Examples of what you can register for free with the Airdrop include: ethlover.any, tommy77.any, julie❤️.any, defigod.any, cryptoking.any, love4ever.any, 888888.any, etc.

What is included?
Anyside is a subscription based tokenized service that provides you with:

1. A web3 username and matching domain name
2. A customizable NFT token
3. A customizable Anyside page

For example if you register bob, you will get the bob.any username and the domain name. You will also get a resellable NFT for bob.any. Finally you will get a link in bio style page that you can customize (your Anyside Page for bob.any).

Anyside Names Pricing
Anyside names have different pricing depending on their length and type. Below is a table of pricing for Anyside names

Name Type Price per Year Description
Standard US$ 29 Letters, numbers, emojis, and their combinations, totalling 6 or more characters, and excluding the categories below
English Words US$ 49 Words included in the English dictionary
Proper Nouns US$ 99 Noun that names a particular person, place, or thing "Tom", "Chicago", and "Friday"
5 Characters US$ 99 Letters, numbers, emojis, and their combinations
4 Characters US$ 199 Letters, numbers, emojis, and their combinations
3 Characters US$ 299 Letters, numbers, emojis, and their combinations
2 Emojis US$ 499 Two emojis (no other character)
1 Emojis US$ 999 One emoji (no other character)

Anyside supports the English alphabet (26 letters without special characters), numbers, and emojis.

Multi-year registrations benefit from a lower annual fee.

Smart Contract Technical Details
For EVM compatible blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon, the Anyside contracts follow the ERC-721A standard, for low gas. On Solana, we use the Metaplex token standard and the gas cost is insignificant.

We will post the links to the verified Anyside contracts on our website a few days before launch.

Which wallets are compatible?
The Anyside checkout system is compatible with the following crypto wallets

For Ethereum / Polygon blockchain:

1. Metamask
2. Coinbase Wallet
3. Formatic
4. Any Wallet Connect compatible wallet

For Solana:

1. Phantom Wallet
2. Glow
3. Sollet
4. Solflare

For mobile users please make sure to use the browser inside your wallet and not your native device browser as this might cause connection issues.

Which blockchains are compatible?
Anyside names can be minted on any of the following 3 blockchains, depending on your personal preference.

1. Ethereum
2. Solana
3. Polygon

You can then transfer your NFT from one blockchain to another at any time using the Anyside Portal.

More blockchains may be added in the future.

Planned Schedule

Event Date
Website opening 23rd of September
Previews First week of October
Beta access Second week of October
Chat opening & AMAs Second week of October
Free Airdrop & Sales End October

Anyside comes packed with utility from Day 1. As such you have everything you need from launch and we do not have a public roadmap. We will communicate all new relevant updates via announcements.

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